Healthcare Backlash from Obama's Plan and Elderly Abuse Rampant


Doctors angry over cuts are not accepting Medicare patients in many places. In the town where I live at present no one wants a Medicare patient accepting the big corp healthcare facilites who get federal funding for caring for those who can't afford care.

Big kickbacks going on with drug companies to doctors who work in the corporation for prescribing certain drugs and referrals to patients to stay in the system and not seek outside advice from other healthcare providers.

Many patients told if they seek outside opinions or doctors not to come back. Tests are done to cover themselves but they are never followed up on.

A doctor told me, if you find it you have to treat it, so the docs from this healthcare system don't find it. The average person doesn't question their doctors or doctor. You are allowed 10 to 15 minutes per visit so if you are really sick and they can't figure it out quick your a done deal. 

Healthcare is being rationed already the elderly are denied surgery they need and even neglected. The most abused population by healthcare professionals are the elderly. I know personally of abuse ans neglect by doctors who worked for nursing home corporations and don't even bother to check on their patients.

Let me tell you everyone is in a flurry of activity when the inspectors are coming, which of course everyone knows in advance which is a joke. If you want to find whats wrong you don't let them know you are coming.

People have even been killed by healthcare professionals and it is covered up. I know about it, I have seen it. Its disgusting and I reported more then one facility for this and they were fined. I always back up my facts. 

My Grandmother meant something to me, she was a wonderful lady. Doesn't anyone care anymore? This picture was from 1996, can you imagine how much worse it is now. 


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