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Finding Health through Homeopathy

According to Homeopathy, health (and disease) is a dynamic entitiy. Health is not just merely an absence of disease. Disease is a total affection of mind and body, the disturbance of the whole organism. The parts of the body do not independently get sick. It is the whole person who is affected by the disease and it is the whole person who responds to the medicine.

Most (not all) illnesses have their roots on mental plane. Emotions are closely related to person’s glands and nerves. The mind/emotions have real power to influence over the working of the physical body. Homeopathy is based on the fact that the person’s experience in emotional and mental (state of mind) life can not be separated from their physical complaints (body).

The regulation of health care practice varies from one country to another. As far as people demand quality multi-dimensional health care, governments are obliged to provide.The patient/doctor relationship should be like that of a child/parent, full of care and trust.

We are getting too mechanical, getting away from nature. We have stopped enjoying finer things in life. We find solace in machines, not in relationships. One has to be happy to be healthy. Happiness comes from within when you are contented. Don't be at extremities. Have a balanced approach in life for everything. Doing more in excess of moderation than what is required is inviting trouble. Don't be over-emotional. Emotions drains you mentally and physically. Don't do over-medication and over-dependent upon medicines. Live with nature.


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