Health is a Balanced Hypothalamus

Health is harmony of body, mind and soul. Dis-ease is an imbalance within this triad. Since humans do not exist in a solitary microcosm, the environment influences health both physically and energetically.

Imagine that health is a line stretching from optimal wellbeing to death. Symptoms of dis-ease represent movement away from optimal wellness and towards death. Most health care providers treat the symptoms either with conventional or alternative therapies. Few seek the root cause of dis-ease. Fewer still seek to help the patient return to optimal wellness.

All dis-ease processes are instigated by imbalances in the being, albeit biological or energetic. While most health providers recognize imbalances as dis-ease, few use a foundational model to assess and treat the whole patient. Without a holistic foundation, therapies are Band-Aids at best. Modern health care delivers chemical therapies that change symptoms but do not address the root issues. The imbalances must be assessed with a framework in mind to then deliver the appropriate therapies.

A decade ago while attempting to treat a myriad of dis-ease states, I began to notice similar patterns in the biochemical imbalances. Genetic expression favors homeostasis, so what made the body fall out of tune? Miscommunication. The complex messenger chemicals produced by the neuro-immune-endocrine system (NIE) tell the DNA what is needed by the body. To keep the hormones in harmony the body needs to take in micronutrients and get out toxins. As a triangular relationship formed between the function of the NIE system, the In and the Out cornerstones, I discovered the importance of a neuro-endocrine gland located deep in the brain at the sixth chakra level—the hypothalamus.

So I formulated a holistic model that addresses all aspects of wellbeing necessary to revolutionize healthcare.

DMAR Pyramid of Health™ is that model. DMAR Pyramid of Health™ refers to “the sea”—the source of all life—and assesses wellbeing through a pyramid of health. The four faces of the DMAR Pyramid of Health™ are the physiological, the psycho-spiritual, the anatomical and the environmental. The base of the pyramid encompasses the energetic vibration that represents life force. The energy within the system communicates itself via the biochemicals that make up the neuro-immune-endocrine system. These hormones under hypothalamic orchestration sing to the genetic encodement. The DNA then dances accordingly. If the music is out of tune, the genetic expression is one of dis-ease. If the music is harmonious, physical embodiment is perfectly healthy. Rather than tuning each of the hormones, I began focusing on the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is truly the maestro of the body’s biochemical orchestra.

In clinical practice, I have found using the DMAR Pyramid of Health™ approach to dis-ease to be highly successful. I investigate imbalances in the neruo-immune-endocrine system, as well as perform functional testing of the assimilation and detoxification pathways, to uncover the root biochemical issues. Working with the other facets of the pyramid of wellbeing including the psycho-spiritual belief systems, the social and physical environment, and the anatomical structure of the physical body, provides a foundation in which to treat the patient. Being a biochemical specialist, I find that most patients need nutritional support. Feeding the brain holistically requires supplementation.

Tuning each biochemical pathway separately with nutritional and vibrational therapeutics is temporarily effective. Supporting the neuro-immune-endocrine system, as well as the assimilation and detoxification pathways, simultaneously creates harmonious communication with the DNA. Focusing on the hypothalamus which orchestrates the biochemistry is key to optimal genetic expression. A synergistic nutritional supplement to support all the biochemical pathways would create balance and harmony in our health and lives. 

Hippocrates said, “Let food be your medicine”. In a world of fast food, gathering all the nutrients necessary to support the complex biochemical pathways can be difficult. After spending years sending patients out my clinic door with lists of supplements to balance their systems, I wondered if I could do what I was asking of them. The perpetual tuning and retuning of their supplementation programs required dependency on me. Parents of learning disabled and autistic children begged me to simplify the process. My research led to the development of the DMAR philosophy, but my dreams were the path to my greatest creation.

For three months at the end of 1999, I had a recurrent dream. My worse case patients came to drink from a golden chalice I held. We never spoke, but intuitively, I knew they were healed. I awoke asking what was in the cup. A formula unveiled itself. I spent the following year doing clinical research on the nutritional supplement that came in my dreams. In the summer of 2003, Creation in a Bottle was born. Genesis Gold® is designed to support the hypothalamus as well as the assimilation and detoxification pathways while keeping hormones in harmony.

For most of my patients, Genesis Gold® has replaced six to ten bottles of supplements. For many, they are no longer dependent on medications, hormone replacement, or natural remedies as their systems have come into harmony. Health is encoded into our DNA. Isn’t it time we tap into our highest potential?

Deborah Maragopoulos MN APRN, BC FNP is a holistic family nurse practitioner, author of LoveDance: Awakening the Divine Daughter, founder of DMAR Pyramid of Health™, and creator of Genesis Gold®. www.genesisgold.com


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