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Health Care Reform Presents Challenges for Pro-Life Christians

Every United States president dreams of making a landmark contribution during his (or one day her) term of office. For President Obama, this contribution is “Health Care Reform.” When the air clears, hopefully people will be able to once again think logically rather than emotionally, and consider the ramifications of this decision.

As a Christian, I can’t help thinking that Queen Esther had her King Xerxes, Daniel faced King Nebuchadnezzar, Joseph faced Pharaoh, and Moses faced Pharaoh sans the favor of Joseph’s day. Then, Paul faced King Agrippa. In some instances, the kings came to fear God. In each instance, each Bible hero or heroine had a defining moment where the choice was to allow God to use them for His glory, or to judge the ungodly behavior of their respective rulers, and turn away from them in disgust. In most cases, these Bible legends were able to influence their rulers for the good of the people.

Today the Prolife Movement faces President Obama. Do we allow offense to prevent us from praying for him and for America, or do we press on in the battle to uncover the evils of abortion, eugenics and genocide regardless of the stand of our nation’s leaders?

Our battle is not about which humans are right and which humans are wrong. The battle isn’t about Democrats and Republicans. God is not a Democrat or a Republican!

As Christians, we must continue to shine the light of love and truth, to pray for those in authority, and to resist evil practices. The health care reform is primarily an extension of Medicare, with all of the political hype being about distracting the public while the dirty deals are being cut behind the scene (on both sides of the isle mind you).

Appropriate legislation could have been passed to serve the 32 million needing health care with a lot less pain, fanfare and money. Instead of being expedient, some of our political “leaders” have been greedy.

That being said, we must still remain encouraged. We must press on for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for everyone from conception to natural death. Procreative reproductive health should be a mantra for any health care packaging. Abortion must be excluded from every law and tax budget on every level of government.

Finally, we must elect political leaders who will listen to the voice of the people. Americans choose life! This is our defining moment, our Clarion Call to Conscience. We must stay focused and press on towards the mark!


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