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Health Care Ad-Working to Pay for Grandpa's Operation

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WASHINGTON -- As Congress prepares to vote on a health care overhaul plan, Family Research Council (FRC) released a new health care TV ad that begins airing today on cable TV in the nation's capital. Over the next few weeks, FRC plans to roll the ad out in five other states including Nebraska, Arkansas, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, and Maine.

The 30-second ad makes a serious point but in a humorous way. The ad features a little boy asking his grandfather "will your surgery cost a lot of money?" The grandfather answers, "Yes, but it's free. The government is taking care of it." The boy responds, "Daddy says nothing is for free. Who is paying for it?" His grandpa explains that his grandson will pay for it - and says "You're late for work!"

"Government run health care will leave our children to pay for over $ 1 trillion of additional debt," explains the narrator as the young boy leaves the house to begin his work day. "They better grow up quickly," concludes the narrator.


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