Hawaiian Authorities Warn Parents Of Dangerous, Drug-Laced Candy


Authorities in Hawaii are warning parents of dangerous, drug-laced candy that has put a number of children in the hospital.

The candy, sold as organic fruit roll-ups, contains THC and has been found on three of the Hawaiian islands: the Big Island, Oahu and Kauai, KHON reports.

“This contains 250 milligrams of THC and this will put you in the hospital,” Hawaii's Narcotics Enforcement Division chief Keith Kamita told KHON.

"We have had cases with the fruit roll-ups where kids have eaten it and ended up in the hospital ... throwing up, can’t feel their legs, having palpitations, so it is a serious problem," he added. "This could kill somebody if taken wrong; if they start hallucinating, they could run into traffic."

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Kamita said the drug is being sold online, including “Instagram, Craigslist, other things -- not the average drug-dealer style.” 

One of the most alarming aspects of the drug is that it’s hard to detect, due to it being odorless. The only way to know whether the drug is present, according to Kamita, is to have it tested in a laboratory or to wait until someone reacts to it.

Authorities advised parents to check their children’s Halloween candy before letting them eat anything.

“If a child brought this home and a parent did not know -- because as parents we used to tell our kids: 'Anything that is unwrapped, don’t eat it; let me see it first' -- but this stuff is wrapped and it looks like candies,” Kamita said. 

“This is very disturbing that you would make an item that would appeal possibly to children.”

Sources: KHON, Hawaii News Now / Photo credit: KHON, Instagram via Hawaii News Now


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