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Have you thought about Quitting?

Before you speak, Listen, Before you write, Think

Before you spend, Earn, Before you invest, Investigate

Before you criticize, Wait, Before you pray, Forgive

Before you QUIT, Try

Before you retire, Save, Before you die, Give

William Arthur Ward

I have been working hard at opening every heavy and stubborn door that stands before me. Trying to push them open so as to allow just one foot in. Many times that one big toe or foot can barely get through the tiny opening.There have been moments where it would get through only to be stubbed upon...... my poor toe or foot has been bruised, bandaged and patched only to begin the walk all over again!

To see that slight glimmer of hope only for it to be extinguished can be quite disappointing. To see it rise only to be squashed is heart wrenching. To have to wait for a response only to hear dead silence! These can become quite paralyzing the self when trying to achieve a goal or completeness of a project.

Failure is something I would shy away from. I would decide before hand that failure would be knocking on my doorstep before giving that expereince a try. This action would create stagnancy in my potential to grow not only as yoga teacher but as an all rounder. Testing my skills was something I never surrendered to.

I used to short change myself and dive into a web of emotions of my own doing. I would avoid situations and people and remain in that comfort zone for as long as I could. Creating for myself a bubble of false security.

Have you felt like hanging up and QUITTING? 

Do you feel like nothing is working or moving in the right direction? 

Has your patience been tested beyond limits? 

If you have answered YES to all the above well then Congratulations you have just realized that you are only  HUMAN!

I am human first and the quicker I accept and understand this fact the easier my challenges will become. I am aware that there are some projects I will gain and some I will loose some. I have faith in myself and the guidance I receive from up above and from those who support me.

I owe a lot of my present state of balance to my practice of yoga and meditation. This has saved me from getting pulled into a sea of negative emotions. I am at a stage where I can catch myself before I fall into the whirlpool of chaos. I face the challenges as an observer and with awareness I withdraw from being attached to the project and what it will do for me. 

The other tool that is important to me is the strong determination to keep moving forward. No matter what the outcome may be. Many times I have come to the point of throwing it in but what keeps me going is this very quote below and the gifts I learn about myself and others. 

There's only one thing that can guarantee our failure and that's if we QUIT!

When I begin a project I absolutely avoid seeing the end result. Each step that I complete is an achievement for me. Just like life that has many steps to climb my project is exactly the same way. Each step climbed brings a smile. I acknowledge the little accomplishments and most importantly I have fun discovering new possibilities and people.


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