Did Courteney Cox Get Breast Implants?


Courteney Cox was recently spotted on a Hawaiian beach showing off her figure in a green bikini. Photos of her lounging in Oahu have sparked rumors that she has recently undergone breast augmentation. According to Hollywood Life, her chest appeared noticeably bigger, leaving many to wonder whether she's recently undergone a boob job.

The 46-year-old actress, star of "Cougar Town" and "Friends," recently split with ex-husband David Arquette. This fact has sparked rumors that she bought herself the boob job as a way to get revenge. With the trend of post-breakup plastic surgery in the news recently, this should come as no surprise.

Several plastic surgeons looked at the recent photos of Courteney, agreed that it appeared she had gone under the knife. Dr. Ashkan Ghavami, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, said “It appears as though she has had an increase in breast volume as well as a change in shape.” Dr. Renato Calabria agreed, saying, “The classic giveaway is the unnatural roundness of the upper pole of the breast.”

Whether or not she's had breast augmentation, we can all agree that she looks great. While her new look might make David Arquette want her back, he might be too late – she was in Hawaii with the cast of "Cougar Town," including rumored boyfriend Brian Van Holt.

Her new figure could be attributed to a bikini with a little extra padding – or to a little post-breakup nip and tuck. What do you think?


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