Harold Mendenhall Has Donated 100 Gallons of Blood

Most people have donated blood at least once or twice in their lives, but Harold Mendenhall has opened his veins more than 400 times and given 100 gallons of blood since 1977.

Mendenhall, who lives in Riviera Beach, Florida, started his blood donation streak on 7/7/77 because of seven being his lucky number.

He also started donating his "O positive" blood as a way to honor his wife Frankie when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1977, notes The Palm Beach Post.

His wife died seven years later. Two of his five sons died from complications of disabilities at ages 47 and 53.

“For some reason, I’m still here and I’m grateful. That’s one of the reasons I keep donating,” said Mendenhall, who has given about six gallons a year.

Mendenhall donates his blood platelets, which create blood clots. People who have blood-related cancers often need platelet transfusions.

The 185-pound senior usually gives two pints of blood per visit.  His blood goes through a machine, which takes the platelets from his blood, and returns his bodily fluids back to him.

“Giving blood can only be done by a human being, so that’s been my payback for my career and my good health and all the blessings I’ve had,” said Mendenhall, who does the two hour process every two weeks.

Source: The Palm Beach Post


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