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Feminists Want to Make Men Obsolete

I’ve been on haitus from NewsReal Blog as I finish my new book; but after reading the July/August cover story in The Atlantic, and listening to the author on television, I can’t not respond.

The title of the article is “The End of Men.” The author, Hanna Rosin, was on Fox & Friends this week to talk about the article, which she insists is merely designed to note the changes in American society with respect to women. It’s not like she was taking a particular side or anything.

Yet The Atlantic’s online version of Rosin’s article includes a video in which she does just that. I would suggest watching it before reading any further. It’s five minutes long and worth every second. Come back when you’re finished.

Now that you’ve seen the video (Did you note that it said, “Resolved: Girls are better than boys”?), my guess is that you’ve had one of two reactions: You either feel sick to your stomach (like I did), or you believe Ms. Rosin meant her video to be tongue-in-cheek.

If she did, you’ll have to forgive me if I don’t see the humor. I’m in the midst of writing a book that proves the battle between the sexes is precisely what’s wrong with this country. Articles like “The End of Men” (along with books like Maureen Dowd’s Are Men Necessary?) may be meant as satirical, but make no mistake: These women are dead serious. Women like Rosin are all the same: They’re committed feminists — and their goal is to “fundamentally transform” America.

If you think I’m exaggerating, I’m not. This past year Maria Shriver produced an exhaustive, 400-page document, along with the left-wing think tank Center for American Progress, that argues we’re now living in a “woman’s nation.” Women have become the majority of the workforce for the first time in U.S. history, and America should reflect this in its policies, it says. “Emergent economic power gives women a new seat at the table—at the head of the table,” writes Shriver. Oprah Winfrey (and may I suggest reading Kitty Kelley’s new biography of Oprah, particularly if you’re under the impression Oprah is not a feminist) wrote the epilogue.

The new book Secrets of Powerful Women is just as forthcoming. It’s a compilation of essays by — naturally — liberal female politicians and journalists. (The editors did add a few token Republicans, but only because they were pro-choice.) One of the essays opens this way: “There is something special that happens when you get a group of powerful women in a room…and shut the door.”

Conservatives need to realize their current fight isn’t just against the Left. It’s against the female left. What feminists want is a matriarchy, and they work in collaboration with President Obama to get the job done. The Shriver Report was delivered to each of the Fortune 500 CEOs, all 535 members of Congress, and Obama — who responded, “When I think about policy, I’m constantly thinking about how we can provide more resources so women can thrive.”

There has been much written lately about feminism: who is and who isn’t a feminist, what it means, and where it’s headed. There’s even a new concept brewing — the conservative feminist — with Sarah Palin at the helm. My new book – which will be published in March – will address this issue in detail and hopefully put the entire matter to rest.

In the meantime, Ms. Rosin and her ilk prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that feminists have zero respect for men and their contributions to family and society. One of the arguments Ms. Rosin’s husband made in the video was that all of the country’s great inventors are men. This is a critical point.

If we were to rank the factors that have influenced the significant shift of American women from domestic duties into other occupations, the reduction in labor required for the daily needs of eating, washing, and wearing clothes is the most important. The folks to whom women are truly indebted are inventors like Thomas Edison (who invented the light bul), Elias Howe (who invented the sewing machine), Clarence Birdseye (who invented the process for frozen foods), and Henry Ford (who invented the automobile). Technology and the mechanization of housework – the washing machine, dishwasher, vacuum cleaner, etc. — allowed women to divert their attention away from the home and pursue other endeavors.

I don’t mean to overlook the birth-control pill, but feminists cannot take credit for this either. All these inventions, including The Pill, were made before the 1960s – by men. Women should be thanking “the men who came before us” – not feminists.

Naturally, Ms. Rosin dismissed her husband’s excellent observation — since she (and now her daughter) considers him such a buffoon — for it undermines the politically correct notion that modern women owe their allegiance to feminists.

They do not. They do not. They do not.

It’s time to stop talking about progress for women. It’s time to stop talking about women’s rights, women’s needs, and women’s problems. It’s time to stop talking about girl power and self-esteem for women and girls. It’s time to end the war between the sexes. Men are not the enemy.

As my ten-year-old daughter said after watching the video, “God didn’t make men and women so they could fight over which one is better.”

Excellent observation, dear. But most feminists don’t believe in God, so this concept escapes them.


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