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Happy Ending After Australian Couple Risks Early Delivery Of Triplets To Save One

Just 28 weeks into her pregnancy with triplets an Australian woman and her husband had to make a difficult decision. They could continue on with the pregnancy, but that would have meant likely losing their daughter. Or they could deliver her -- along with her two brothers -- dangerously early, saving the girl but putting all three at risk. 

That was in July, Chloe Dunstan, 22, and her husband Rohan Dunstan, 26, of Perth, recently told the Daily Mail. Earlier this month, the couple brought all three babies — Henry, Rufus and Pearl — home from the hospital, healthy. 

“I feel guilty for having the boys delivered when they were growing so well in the womb,” Chloe told the Daily Mail. “But Pearl would have died if we didn't deliver early, so I will never regret that.”

Doctors told the parents that Pearl was being deprived of oxygen and nutrients in her mother’s womb and wasn’t expected to survive the pregnancy. 

In an interview with Yahoo7, Chloe said she knew when she first found out she was pregnant with triplets that there could be trouble. 

“I really can't even describe how I felt that day,” she said. “Shocked, scared, overwhelmed.

"Because we knew there were so many risks associated with triplet pregnancies, we never felt like we could get completely excited about all three babies until they were born."

But once born, all three still had quite a battle. Pearl’s brothers were bigger and healthier, but they still had to undergo blood transfusions along with their sister. They spent nine weeks in the hospital. 

 The little girl had a heart condition that resolved on its own. She also had a metabolic bone disease and problems with her liver that she has since overcome with the help of doctors and medicine. And 11 weeks after her birth, Pearl too, came home.

Chloe told the Daily Mail that everyone — including the triplets’ three older brothers — is doing well. 

“At this point I can't say exactly what the future holds, but all three babies are strong and healthy with no known issues,” the mother of six said. “Pearl is still on a bunch of medication, mostly just extra vitamins, and all three babies have various appointments in the next few months.”

Sources: Daily Mail, Yahoo7

Photo Credit: Chloe Dunstan via Daily Mail, Yahoo7


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