How to Keep Kids Safe on Halloween

 Halloween is a holiday chock-full of family fun when proper safety measures are taken.  Here are a few simple tips that won’t take the treat out of the trick to having an accident-free holiday.

Practice Fire Safety

When decorating your home do not place exposed flames in paper lanterns.  Keep a look out for costumes and accessories labeled "flame resistant." These products not only resist burning but also snuff out quickly if they get too close to a flickering jack o' lantern. 

Keep Your Child on His Feet

When choosing or creating a costume, make sure it's short enough to allow your child to walk with ease. If you've borrowed a costume that's too long, sew or tape a quick hem at the bottom. Another option is to hike up the costume with a belt. Be on shoelace alert too and double-tie them before going out. Remind your child to watch out for pumpkins and other decorations on neighbors' steps and porches, since these can also pose a tripping hazard.

Make Sure Your Child Stays Visible

Hitting the trick-or-treat trail while it's still light outside is a great idea for young kids. Most cities host a Halloween trick-or-treating event like this.  If you and your child will be out after dark, it's a good idea to decorate the costume with strips of bright reflector tape (available in hardware, bicycle and sporting goods stores). The tape will make your little one visible to cars and help you keep him in sight when he's thronged by trick-or-treaters. Carry a small flashlight, too — it'll come in handy for negotiating long walkways and dimly lit doorways.  I love using glow sticks and glow in the dark jewelry for my kids. They are great fun as well as handy safety devices. Pass them out to the kids to wear so you can keep an easier eye on them.

Pass on Masks

Masks can make it hard for your child to see, breathe and cause limited vision.  Be creative and safe by offering to paint his face with nontoxic makeup instead.

Candy Care

Before letting your child dig into that Halloween loot, scrutinize the treats for evidence of tampering. Carefully examine each wrapper to make sure there are no pinpricks or signs of opening. In addition, accept homemade treats only from neighbors you know, and cut up fruit before serving it.  Even though your little one may have a mouth full of teeth, some candies are still a choking hazard.  Keep an eye on them while snacking! 

Talk Safety BEFORE You Head Out
Kids like to know the rules for play and Halloween night is no different.  Review the below information while you’re getting ready. Repeat a handful of reminders as energy is high and the impulses will be tugging at them!

•    No running.
•    Cross street only with grown-ups. 
•    Only go to houses of people you know.
•    Stay with the group.
•    Don’t go to houses with the porch light turned off.
•    No pushing.
•    Stay on sidewalk and lit paths. Don’t cut across the yard.
•    Don’t pet anyone’s dog unless the adult you are with AND the pet owner says it’s okay.
•    Keep your shoes on.  (That said, wear comfy ones with no heels.)

Me and my team of Professional Childproofers at Safety 1st Pros wish you and your family a safe and fun Halloween!

Kimberlee Mitchell is a Child Safety Expert & Professional Childproofer for Safety 1st Pros Home Childproofing Service.


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