Haley Heston Private Collection, Suzy Favor-Hamilton's Ex-Employer, May Face FBI Probe


The Haley Heston Private Collection, former Olympic track star Suzy Favor-Hamilton's ex-employer, may face an FBI probe for breaking local and federal laws covering the conduct of business across state lines, according to The Daily Beast.

The service’s Twitter page, @HHPCollection, was taken down as of Friday.

In a blog post cached by TheSmokingGun.com, the service told its clients that “any information shared with us cannot ever be found, released, or subpoenaed. At all. Period, no if’s, and’s, or but’s.”

The post also said that Haley Heston’s website is not hosted in the United States and all contents, including client emails, are “anonymously hosted by an offshore company, secured in a trust, so that the identity of HHPCollection is not public. Moreover, not even the hosting company knows who we are, we paid with cash.”

Meanwhile. Favor-Hamilton, 44, lost her invitation to the annual Disneyland Half Marathon on Saturday following the revelations of her double life as a $600-an-hour prostitute.

Disney has also banned the three-time U.S. Olympian from all Disney sporting events, reports the New York Daily News.

Favor-Hamilton was publicly exposed on Thursday as a prostitute by one of her former customers who spilled the beans to TheSmokingGun.com.

Favor-Hamilton admitted to TheSmokingGun.com that her husband was the only one who knew about her moonlighting as a prostitute in cities across the country: "He tried, he tried to get me to stop. He wasn't supportive of this at all."

However, her husband could have stopped her sometime ago by going to a website such as TheSmokingGun.com and/or contacted authorities, which he did not do.

Favor-Hamilton said she is currently seeking therapy and wrote on Twitter: "I fully intend to make amends and get back to being a good mother, wife, daughter, and friend."

She currently works as a motivational speaker and runs a realty company in Madison, Wisconsin with her husband Mark. They have a seven-year-old daughter.

Favor-Hamilton said she suffered from postpartum depression after her daughter's birth in 2005.


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