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Man Breaks Penis While Trying Exotic Sex Positions

A man had emergency surgery after breaking his penis during sex.

The surgery took place at a hospital in Ho Chi Minh City, the Daily Mail reported. The unnamed 59-year-old victim told doctors he heard a loud crack while having sex with his partner.

Physicians were shocked when they saw the man’s damaged privates.

“The organ was swollen and bruised, but also certainly broken at the joint,” Dr. Mai Ba Tien Dung from Binh Dan Hospital told the Tuoi Tre News.

MRI scan results showed the patient had a two-centimeter tear and excessive bleeding on the right side of his penis. Doctors performed emergency surgery to stitch the organ back into position.

It is unknown what sexual position the man was attempting to do when he broke his penis. Dr. Dung said the injury is very rare, but can occur at full erection.

“Symptoms include a clear ‘crack’ that is accompanied by a sharp pain,” he said. “Without timely surgery, the patient can suffer from a deformed and curved penis and erectile dysfunction.”

Dr. Dung added that such injuries could result in high rates of impotence and cause purple coloration and ongoing pain and discomfort.

The purple coloration spreads across the length of the penis and to the scrotum, as well. It can also cause the foreskin to become swollen and cover the glans.

“The case of this 59-year-old patient is rare, occurring only once out of a thousand cases of broken penises recorded in medical literature,” Dr. Dung said.

The doctor said the damages could ultimately lead to late complications that could have a negative impact on a patient's quality of life if the injury is not examined by a licensed physician.

Sources: Daily Mail, Tuoi Tre News / Photo credit: Google Maps via Daily Mail

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