Gurkiren Loyal, 8, Murdered for Her Organs Say Parents

Gurkiren Loyal, a British schoolgirl, was murdered by health workers in India who wanted to steal her organs according to her parents, Santokh Loyal and Amrit Loyal.

According to The Telegraph, Gurkiren was being treated for dehydration when workers at a medical clinic in Punjab, India, gave her a fatal injection.

The family was told an autopsy was required in India before their daughter's body could be returned to Britain.

"They said they would use a hammer and chisel to open her," Amrit said. "I demanded a more dignified, discreet examination. It was medieval."

When Gurkiren's her body was flown home to Britain, her family discovered her organs were missing.

"My baby was innocent and now I am devastated without her. Gurkiren was fine, she was chatting to us and planned to buy some gifts for her cousins," said Amrit. "While we were talking an assistant came up carrying a pre-filled syringe and reached for the tube in her hand. I asked what was the injection for, but he gave me a blank look and injected the liquid into her."

"Within a split-second Gurkiren's head flipped back, her eyes rolled in her head, and the color completely drained from her. I knew they had killed her on the spot. I knew my innocent child had been murdered."

Amrit claimed her daughter’s medical records were destroyed. Police in India took a statement from the family, which heard nothing more of the investigation.

In Britain, medical examiner Aidan Cotter tried to perform a second autopsy, but found the child's organs missing.

"[Cotter] said it was impossible to come to a conclusion for the cause of death," Amrit  explained. "They had nothing to work from, she had no organs in her body for them to take samples."

"I was mortified that all the pleading in India had no effect. There was no sensitivity, no humanity."

There is reportedly a lucrative market for human organs in India, despite having been banned in 1994.

India's Foreign Office would only confirm that Gurkiren died in India on April 2, which has some British politicians demanding answers.

Source: The Telegraph


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