Gun Deaths in Indiana Surpass Traffic Accident Fatalities


A new study conducted by the Washington, D.C., Violence Policy Center reveals shocking gun violence statistics from the state of Indiana. According to policy center research, in 2009 more Indianans were killed by gun violence than traffic accidents.

Those numbers place Indiana among an elite list of 10 states that have more annual gunshot fatalities than traffic deaths. The others are Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Virginia and Washington.

A closer look at the recently published stats out of Indiana shows that 735 gun deaths were reported in 2009. That’s compared to only 715 deaths from motor vehicle accidents.

Nationally, the United States ranks among the worst countries in the world for gun violence, racking up approximately 31,236 firearm deaths in 2009. For comparison’s sake, the United Kingdom recorded only 42 firearm deaths in 2008 and 51 in 2007.


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