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Gulf Oil Spill Could Make Fish and Seafood Toxic for Years to Come

"After the oil spill in the Gulf, you may want to pass on the sushi, shrimp and other seafood for longer than you think, if you don't want to get cancer," warns Milton Carl, Nutritionist at Axe Nutrition and author of "God's Miracle Cure."

"With some experts saying that as much as 4,200,000 gallons of oil (100,000 barrels) a day have leaked into the Gulf of Mexico, we have to ask what the long-term effect to our health will be. We know that oil is mainly comprised of hydrocarbons, and that many of the hydrocarbons contained in oil, such as benzene, toluene and polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons, are known to cause cancer. However, oil also contains heavy metals such as mercury, lead and arsenic that can cause a host of health problems including cancer," says Carl.

Because of the chemical dispersants used to clean up the oil spill, hydrocarbons are readily being absorbed into clams, oysters and other shellfish.

"However, in much the same way that mercury and other heavy metal move up the food chain, these harmful hydrocarbons also move up the food chain as other marine organisms feed on the shellfish and then themselves get eaten by fish and other marine organisms," he says.  

"The oil spill in the Gulf will lead to high concentrations of heavy metals and hydrocarbons in shellfish and larger predatory fish such as, tuna, swordfish and shark," explains Carl.

However, since the oil spill is so large, the contamination is not confined to only large predatory fish. Every marine organism in the Gulf of Mexico could be affected by the massive oil spill.

"Just like with the Valdez Oil Spill, contaminants from the oil spill in the Gulf will also last for years and build up in the food chain, causing increased risk of cancer and neurological disorders," explains Carl.

Mercury levels in seafood have been unacceptably high for quite some time. Prior to the oil spill in the Gulf, laboratory tests from 20 restaurants in Manhattan showed higher than acceptable mercury levels in the sushi at most of these restaurants. Mercury levels from seafood in restaurants and grocery stores in California were routinely found to be higher than FDA limit of 1ppm in fish tissue.

"Since the contamination from the oil spill in the Gulf is so pervasive, in the near future and for many years to come, I expect that the mercury levels in random checks of seafood in both restaurants and grocery stores to be much higher than they were prior to the spill in the Gulf," says Carl.

"Since no government agency regularly tests seafood for mercury, and since testing seafood for hydrocarbons is difficult to do, cancer levels are bound to increase with no end in sight," he says. "Hopefully, more regulation and testing will enter into the seafood industry as a whole because of the oil spill in the Gulf. In the meantime, maybe we should seriously consider drastically limiting our intake of seafood."

About Milton Carl

After losing his brother to cancer and father as an indirect consequence of type 2 diabetes, Milton founded Axe Nutrition in order to help individuals find the cure for cancer, the cure for diabetes (type 2 diabetes), the cure for high blood pressure, the cure for high cholesterol, the cure for arthritis, and natural cures for many other diseases.

Milton is the author of "God's Miracle Cure," The Cure for Cancer, Type 2 Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Arthritis, and Many Other Diseases Revealed. "God's Miracle Cure" is available at


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