Guess Which Presidential Candidates Will Be At the National Right To Life Conference!


Just in case the current GOP presidential contenders haven't made it clear enough that they are adamantly against a woman's right to choose (yes, even to choose birth control, it seems), now we get to learn who is so entrenched that they are heading to the National Right to Life Conference to speak!


Ron Paul, Herman Cain and Rick Santorum are scheduled to come to Jacksonville to discuss their stances on abortion at a national convention opposing abortion.

The National Right to Life Convention, with speeches and workshops given by leaders in the community opposing abortion, is set June 23-25.

North Florida Right to Life chapter President Theresa Graham said the presidential candidate forum will help pinpoint thoughts about abortion issues. Paul, Cain and Santorum are seeking the Republican nomination.

"They can't just say they're pro-life," she said. "We're going to ask them questions to find out exactly where they stand."

Really?  No Michele Bachmann?  These events are usually her bread and butter.


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