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Gruesome Video Shows Huge Botfly Being Removed From Man's Head After A Month Of Growing (Video)

(The following article contains a video with content that may not be suitable for some audiences.) 

A disgusting video (below) shows a large botfly maggot being removed from a man’s head with tweezers. 

According to the Daily Mail, the man in the video, Simon, says the insect was growing in his head for about a month after he had traveled to Panama.

The video was uploaded to YouTube with an accompanying description that said, “A souvenir from Panama, it was growing in my head for about a month before it was big enough to pull out … Yeah it’s a little bit disgusting but I added some Vivaldi so its fine…”

At the beginning of the clip, a friend is talking to Simon, looking at the hole in the top of his head. The tip of the maggot’s body appears to stick out of the hole.

“This is seriously insane,” his friend says. “I don’t know how you would not feel it.”

A woman puts ointment on the hole, then shows the camera the dirty piece of cotton wool, saying, “That’s its poop.”

“Simon it’s pooping out of your head,” his friend tells him. “That’s grim.”

The video then jumps ahead to when the botfly is pulled out of the hole. After a final tug, the whole maggot comes out and everybody in the room is shocked by the size. 

“Oh my God it’s huge,” Simon’s friend repeatedly tells him.

They then show the botfly to Simon, who is also shocked to see the insect’s huge, bulbous body.

The larvae of botflies are parasitic and will invade humans’ bodies to grow inside them. The insects can grow in their host’s flesh as well as their gut. The flies will lay eggs on the skin and the larvae will then burrow into the host’s flesh. 

Watch the gruesome video below.

Sources: Daily MailYouTube / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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