Greetings from Somewhere Tropical

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Consider this my “post” card to you, sent from Somewhere Tropical.  The scene above became a double rainbow moments later, which inspired (understandably) my best impersonations of the YouTube hippie sensation from Yosemite who loses his mind with glee over seeing two massive rainbows, at once.  He laughs.  He cries.  He seems to have a full blown existential crisis from behind the camera, prompting him to ask repeatedly, “What does it mean?”

In my case, the double rainbow simply means I’m “working remotely” this week.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t an auspicious sign that the New England Patriots would be smiled upon from the heavens, last night, but I digress . . . Just a beautiful sight to share with you back home.  I’ll be coming up with some fun and fresh ideas and content while I am here, so you can expect that I’ll bring those back for you, rather than, say, a T-shirt that says: A Blogger Who Loves Me Went Somewhere Tropical, and All I Got Was This Crummy T-shirt.

With love,
Om Gal


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