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Where to Buy BPA-Free Canned Foods

I just found a couple of super helpful posts that list BPA-free canned good options—including tomatoes!— at fabulous eco-family blog The Soft Landing. I’ve been looking for a one-stop spot to survey my toxic free options, and voila!

I just assumed that there wouldn’t be canned tomato options on the list. How glad that I was wrong! Tomatoes are high in acid, which causes increased leaching in canned goods. That means tomatoes are some of the least safe canned foods and the hardest to can without sturdy BPA-laced can linings. Sadly, I use a lot of canned tomatoes. If you do, too, and you don’t have time to can tomatoes yourself, you must check out your options.

As for other canned foods, there are way more choices than I expected. I knew that Eden Organics was the only company in the US currently using BPA-free linings in all of their canned goods, but some other companies (like Trader Joe’s) are starting to offer BPA-free options, too. Hooray!

Take a look. And be sure to visit The Soft Landing often. They always have great, well-researched info on keeping your family safe from toxins.


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