Green Party Candidate Warns About Wi-Fi, Kids (Video)


A video (below) from March shows presumptive Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein warning about the possible negative effects of Wi-Fi on children.

The Progressive Secular Humanist notes that Stein gave a speech at a conference on public education, and took questions after her address.

Stein was asked by an audience member about schools moving to one-to-one computers and the "health issues."

Stein noted that children who spend too much time in front of TV screens have difficulty with cognitive and social development, and added that children should be moving away from screens at all levels of education, which got some applause.

Someone asked about wireless devices, and Stein replied:

We should not be subjecting kids' brains, especially, to that. And we don’t follow that issue in our country, but in Europe where they do, they have good precautions around wireless, maybe not good enough because it’s very hard to study this stuff.

We make guinea pigs out of whole populations and then we discover how many die. And this is the paradigm for how public health works in this country and it's outrageous.

How-To Geek states on its website that there are numerous articles on the web touting how dangerous Wi-Fi radiation is to humans, but adds: "Don’t worry: it’s a bunch of nonsense. If you don’t want to read a single sentence further, that’s fine, we’ll spoil the whole article for you: Wi-Fi poses absolutely no threat to anyone’s health."

The World Health Organization reported in 2006: "A common concern about base station and local wireless network antennas relates to the possible long-term health effects that whole-body exposure to the RF signals may have ... The levels of RF exposure from base stations and wireless networks are so low that the temperature increases are insignificant and do not affect human health."

Sources: Progressive Secular HumanistWorld Health OrganizationHow-To Geek / Photo credit: Safe Tech For Schools/YouTube

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