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Great Invention: Rolly Brush is a Round, Chewable Toothbrush

A small, spiked toothbrush that doesn’t require water or toothpaste -- and it's chewable? Where can we get it?

You’re waiting for your date at the bar and you’ve been munching on the free bowl of nuts. You realize you may now have something stuck in your teeth but there’s no nearby bathroom to check. You could:

a) ditch the date and run home crying
b) pick at your teeth while the bartender looks at you in disgust
c) discreetly use your Rolly Brush.

The Rolly Brush is a toothbrush perfect for bathroom-less situations. It is chewable and small, making it portable and convenient when you’re on the go. Just pop one in your mouth and, with your tongue, move it around your mouth. The bristles will brush off any food debris and the mint flavor will disguise any bad breath.

You don’t even need water or toothpaste because the brush contains plaque-fighting xylitol and teeth-strengthening fluoride.  Look good, feel good, be good!


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