Great-Grandmother Gets Breast Implants at 65, Dating 20-Somethings

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Great-grandmother Joan Lloyd, of Abergele, North Wales, finally got the breast enlargement that she always wanted, at the age of 65. Lloyd lost her husband David last year and decided it was time to invest in cosmetic surgery to transform her breasts from an A cup to an F.

Lloyd, who spent 15 years caring for her husband while he was ill, has been on a few dates, one with a 24-year-old: "And now I feel so much more confident about myself. I feel my boob job has actually given me a new lease of life."

She added: "I had breast fed all my children and it had really affected my figure. It got me down. I take a pride in my personal appearance and I wasn't prepared to just accept it. With the children now grown up and my husband now not here I felt it was time to dedicate some time to living my life and I booked in for a breast enlargement."

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Lloyd encourages others to do the same, if they feel the need: "My children have been very supportive of my decision and can see the difference it's made to me. The result is very natural. I'd urge anyone considering cosmetic surgery to go for it, if there's something you're unhappy with why not change it?"


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