De-Stress on Thanksgiving: Meditate and Create Gratitude List


Greetings, fellow yoganons! Now, I don’t know what your upcoming week looks like. Some of you may be doing the traditional Thanksgiving dinner thing, and some of you may not. Some of you may be from countries other than the USA, and not even be familiar with Thanksgiving at all. The whole history of the holiday is worth looking into. There is the 1637 massacre of the Pequot Tribe, the vegetarian activists that try to free the turkeys, and all of the modern ways that average American families gather, celebrate togetherness, meditate on gratitude, and occasionally push each other’s buttons.  It’s really an interesting, multifaceted event.

Regardless of whether this particular day fills you with joy or ire, we are aware that the experience of gratitude is really useful for the yogini to feel in her body. Regardless of what we do on Thursday, we want embodied thankful energy flowing through all of our energy channels. We live to feel the joy of our place in the universe, an appreciation of our simple and pure beingness.

Perhaps this is the ideal. To have a consistent experience of appreciation for all that is. To feel it regardless of external circumstances. Like I said, I have no idea what your upcoming week looks like. I don’t know what your relationship with your family looks like, or what activities you will participate in over the holidays.  But I do know, it isn’t about externals. This feeling is more of an internally cultivated, resonating vibration, than it is a reaction to a situation. The yogini cultivates, she resonates. This isn’t about an instinctual response to good fortune.

To get here, however, some meditation on the blessings of your life might help. I was once instructed to make a ‘gratitude list‘, a page or two full of all the things in my life that I am grateful for. It was a really beneficial practice, and it did put me in touch with the vibration. You might find that you want to make one of your own, or even introduce it to your family as a group exercise. Simply remember that the list is but a doorway to an expansive heartfelt radiance. A key to love and openness and unity. Make sure that you spend at least as much time meditating on the your feeling about your list as you did making your list. Allow your recognition of the beauty and blessings of our cosmos to grow within you, to soften you, to inspire a quiet and dynamic joy.

This is my Thanksgiving meditation offering to you, yoganons. Recognize gratitude as an inherent part of your true being, and be happy.


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