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Graphic Video Shows Cyst Exploding On Man's Neck (Video)


A man was caught on camera (below) having a large cyst removed, with pus exploding from beneath his skin.

In the video, the patient — named Raymond — is seen lying face down while a doctor attempts to remove a cyst that had been there for 10 years. Dr. John Gilmore proceeds to cut into Raymond’s neck and locate the cyst.

“This is going to be the size of a peach pit by the time we're done,” Gilmore says.

Gilmore begins to squeeze the skin, which causes yellow-green pus to ooze out. He then squeezes harder, causing the pus to erupt from beneath Raymond’s skin and spray everywhere.

“We’ve got pus everywhere over here,” Gilmore says. “Good grief that is awful.”

The cyst, according to Gilmore, is an epidermoid cyst — a noncancerous cyst that commonly appears on the face, neck and torso. While the slow-growing cysts rarely cause problems, Raymond’s became infected and needed to be drained.

“I've been carrying that around for a couple of weeks now,” Raymond says in the video.

Watch the disturbing moment below.

Sources: Daily Mail, YouTube / Photo credit:


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