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'Grandpa Pot' Ray McFeters Facing Prison Sentence for Growing Marijuana

For years, 73-year-old Ray McFeters has been growing his own marijuana to sustain his 30-bowl-a-day diet. Unfortunately, the authorities have finally caught up with him.

According to Message Media, McFeters was charged on June 6 in Atkin County District Court with possession or distribution of more than 42 grams of marijuana and failure to attach tax stamps to the plants. McFeters, though he admitted to growing pot in his conversation with Rob Passons, says he had nowhere near the amount he is charged with and has never been a distributor, either.

"I never have enough for myself,” he said.

The criminal complaint filed in court, however, claims he had “not a small amount” in his possession at the time of his arrest — 22 plants, to be exact, that were in different stages of growth. McFeters claims that only two of his plants were actually ready to be harvested, and so he was technically only in possession of less than an ounce.

The complaint totals McFeters’ possession at 175 grams, which is more than enough to convict him of the felony charges he is facing.

“Yeah, I grew a few plants,” McFeters explained. “I thought I was doing good by not supporting the cartels and everything like that.”

“Only two of the plants were almost ready for harvest, a week or two away,” McFeters told Passons, saying that when the officer came by without a warrant, McFeters showed him into the basement anyway and admitted to growing the plants. “He stuffed all the plants in plastic bags and weighed everything – the leaves, the stems, even the dirt on the roots.”

Despite the felony charges McFeters is facing, as noted by News Talk Florida, he has been a stand-up citizen his whole life. He is currently a retired computer programmer and lives with his wife Patty, who supports his habit, on the shore of Mille Lacs Lake.

According to his wife, McFeters does consume a lot of marijuana, but she says he much more manageable when he’s high.

“The first time he got high I had my concerns, but he was so much better and calmer,” Patty said. “When he smokes pot, he can live with himself and he can live with life. The demons in his head stay down.”

Though guilty, McFeters said he doesn’t have enough money to hire an attorney and will simply just head into court and explain himself.

 “I can’t afford it and I’m guilty,” he said. “Are they really going to throw me in jail at my age with all my problems? Think of all the money they’re going to have to spend on me. I just don't get it.”

His first court date is scheduled for July 1. 

Sources: Message Media, News Talk Florida


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