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Grandma Looks Unrecognizable After Shocking Makeover

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An 80-year-old grandmother became an Internet sensation after being given a contouring makeover by her makeup artist granddaughter.

Livia Mulac enlisted the help of her granddaughter, Croatia-based makeup artist Tea Flego, to use the contouring technique utilized by Kim Kardashian to give her a younger, glamorous face.

Mulac, who lives in a nursing home, looked dramatically different after the makeover — with photos of the finished job being posted to Instagram and quickly going viral.

In before pictures, Mulac can be seen with red pigmentation on the skin around her eyes and cheeks. Her skin is wrinkly and she also has several liver spots.

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Following the makeover, Mulac’s face is bronzed and flattering thanks to foundation and powder used to contour her features. 

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Flego told ABC News that her grandmother even had a favorite part of the makeover process.

“Blurring her wrinkles is her favorite part,” she said. 

Photos of Mulac, dubbed by her granddaughter as glam-ma, quickly went viral thanks to Flego's Instagram account, which now has over 90,000 followers. 

“Being in a nursing home and getting ... reactions all over the world, means a lot for her. In [her 80's she's] become a star. She is grateful, She loves you and She [has a] message for you: "THERE ARE NO UGLY WOMEN, ONLY LAZY ONES!” Flego wrote in an Instagram post after her grandmother’s amazing transformation went viral.

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“She really enjoys her popularity. And says: ‘Come on, take a pic, I want to advertise you,’” another one of Flego's posts read, the Daily Mail reported. 

The 80-year-old beauty’s photos garnered praise from followers across the Internet.

“You look amazing, you go girl keep it up,” one viewer commented. 

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Mulac told ABC News that she was flattered by all the attention she received after her granddaughter began posting photos of her.

“How beautiful it is to travel the whole world and not to set a step away from my nursing home,” she said. 

Sources: Daily Mail, teaflego/Instagram, ABC News / Photo credit: teaflego/Instagram via Daily Mail

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