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FDA Warns Against Finding Breast Milk Donors Online

I don’t know what we did before the internet. I do everything online, from paying bills to shopping for Christmas presents to looking up my nearest movie show times. Now moms are taking their web-savvy nature to sourcing breast milk online, a practice that has drawn warnings from the Food and Drug Administration.

The FDA’s concern with sharing breast milk is that donors may not be adequately screened for infectious diseases or contamination risks. Human milk may expose babies to HIV, chemical contaminants and even prescription drugs that may be transmitted to babies via breast milk. Plus, as any pumping mom knows, you have to handle milk properly to keep it safe for babies.

Using human milk from a reputable source—preferably a bank that has screened its donors—is your best bet. While the mantra “breast is best” might have some moms going online to avoid formula, safe food is best, even if that food is formula!—Erin

Photo Credit: nerissa's ring


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