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Got a sweat problem?

Cause of perspiration - Food

Earlier we saw how excess intake of coffee leads to excessive sweating due to high caffeine content. Our body immediately reacts to what we eat; hence specific foods and some ingredients should be given back seat for time being if you are victim of perspiration. Human body is large high scale functioning network of collection of cells, tissues, organs. Everybody actions will change for certain foods, depending the quantity in which food components are consumed and body resistance too. Some bodies react well to tea or spices as they may be habitual to that. Precisely few human structures are very sensitive to change in foods and develop adverse effects even if proportionate quantities of ingredients are included in meals.

Excessive sweating leads to enormous discomfort affecting basic daily chores, it is also known as hyperhidrosis. It is very frustrating in surroundings to have clammy appearance which reduces normal life intensity too. Hyperhidrosis has taken many people under its wings due to unhealthy eating and sleeping habits. Irregularities of eating habits with lack of nutritional and vitamin value will result in drenching bodies. It’s very common issue now, as many people as obese too. This unwanted disposition restricts person to live fullest and decreases motivational levels within. Hence good care needs to be taken if you desire to stop dripping and start living to fullest.

If you avoid fatty and fried foods then sweat intensity will slowly decrease and your body will also benefit. Human body is very fragile and reacts instantaneously on intake of food. Hence it releases excess salts and impurities of food in form of sweat and urine. Some other foods which contribute to sweating are very hot foods, spicy, sour foods, sweets, alcohol and beverages with high concentration of caffeine also leads to profuse sweating.

Human body temperature raises more with spicy and sour foods mainly. This warmth of body also increases the metabolic rate which leads body to hyperhidrosis. If you eat hot foods then due to heat the body level rises which while cooling down stimulates sweating. Coffee can make human body perspire tremendously. Coffee is served generally very hot and caffeine too increases metabolic rate. Caffeine is active catalyst in body. It also raises blood pressure, increases blood circulation. If you just eat right and avoid intake of above mentioned foods then slowly you will realize that you prevent sweating. The speed and temperature of human machine gears up with engine, which is otherwise stable at 98.6 degrees.

Refrain to eat sweets, alcohol, dark chocolates and some energy drinks which also contain caffeine, foods also has great effect on mood which shows over body. Garlic should be avoided as it is very warm. Primarily only garlic has exuberant properties. The sulphur content in garlic also has metabolic traits. Allyl methyl sulfide is formed which is difficult to digest, so it can be secreted via other means of body like skin.

You should refrain to eat onions as it has heating properties. Onions are pungent which has warm effect on body. This leads to gradually increase the temperature which contributes immensely in sweating.
Therefore moral of story is initial precautions are very simple. Later you realize that how these small restrictions steps keep you healthy and stop excessive sweating too.


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