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Arizona GOP Bill: Doctors Can Conceal Medical Info from Women

Earlier this week, the Arizona Senate approved a bill that would shield doctors from “wrongful birth” lawsuits. 

These are lawsuits that could happen if doctors don’t inform pregnant women of prenatal problems that might lead women to decide to have an abortion. So the bill would protect doctors who choose to withhold this medical information.

Doctors would not be liable for complications after birth for failing to fully reveal information about the health of a fetus.

The AZ Capitol Times reports that Republican State Sen. Nancy Barto, who sponsored the bill, believes that allowing medical malpractice lawsuits endorses the idea that a doctor is to blame if a child is born with a disability. 

However, there are times when a child can be born with a disability if there is malpractice on the doctor's part.

Additionally, doctors would also be spared from “wrongful life” lawsuits, where undesired pregnancies happen following a vasectomy or other sterilization surgery, which fails.

The Senate's 20-9 vote sends the bill to the state House.


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