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Wear Red Day: Help Friends Get Exercise and Avoid Heart Disease

Heart disease is the #1 killer of women. Living a sedentary life is a major risk factor for developing coronary artery disease.  Today on Wear Red Day, let’s encourage the sedentary women in our lives to get moving!

Here are ways to take action and help get your favorite couch potato off the couch:

  • Invite them to the latest and greatest fitness class in your area. If you live in NYC check out my class review page for some great ideas.
  • Send them a link to a free workout podcast such as Yogadownload.
  • Send them a link to a free gym pass in their neighborhood and plan a gym date. (Here’s a 5 day free guest pass to Crunch)
  • Introduce them to fun and easy ways to get moving.  The fact that you run marathons, may in fact make them feel like they can’t do what you do.  Show them what they can do.
  • Send them a magazine subscription to your favorite healthy living magazine.

Thanks to Lucy Activewear I have the perfect tank to wear for National Wear Red Day.

Please share with me ways you’ve helped an inactive friend become active.  Our actions can change someone’s life forever.


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