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GMA's Robin Roberts Almost Died During Cancer Treatment

Robin Roberts is a fighter. After battling and winning a battle with breast cancer, Roberts received a bone marrow transplant in September and is continuing to fight her way back to her top running show, Good Morning America.

The battle hasn’t been easy. Roberts revealed to People Magazine, that there was a point after her September bone marrow transplant, “where I felt like I was dying.”

A few days after Roberts underwent the transplant for a rare blood and bone marrow disorder called myelodysplastic syndrome, she couldn’t eat or drink and couldn’t even get out of bed. She was in a coma-like state and felt as though she was dying. Describing her harrowing experience, Roberts sounds like she was dying.

Roberts is finally beginning to feel like her old self again and will be returning to Good Morning America in just seven days, February 20, 2013.

Robin Roberts continues to prove she is a fighter. We are so happy and excited for her return to GMA.


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