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Glenn Close Regrets How She Played Famous Role in 'Fatal Attraction'

Actress Glenn Close recently said that her fictional character "Alex Forrest" in the 1987 film "Fatal Attraction" contributed to the stigma of mental illness.

Close said that if she read the script today, she would have played Forrest differently with an explanation about the character's mental illness.

"I was in Fatal Attraction and that played into the stigma," Close told CBS News. "I would have a different outlook on that character."

"I would read that script totally differently. The astounding thing was that in my research for Fatal Attraction I talked to two psychiatrists. Never did a mental disorder come up. Never did the possibility of that come up. That, of course, would be the first thing I would think of now."

In "Fatal Attraction," Forrest tries to get revenge on a married man, played by Michael Douglas, with whom she has a brief sexual fling.

Close was at the White House today for a summit on mental illness. She is the founder of "BringChange2Mind," a charity supporting the treatment of mental illness.

"I think as public figures, as entertainers, that we have a moral responsibility to only portray characters, that if, if they have disruptive behavior or behavior that is negative that it has to be responsibly explained," said Close.

Source: CBS News


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