Girls Getting Breast Implants for High School Graduation Gifts


Upon high school graduation, many girls receive money, cars, and clothes – but increasingly, some girls have their eyes set on a different kind of present: plastic surgery. One of the most popular procedures requested by 18-year-old women is breast augmentation.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons says that more than 200,000 teenage girls underwent cosmetic surgery in 2009. Undoubtedly, many of them were able to pay for their procedures thanks to graduation gifts. Half of the surgeons surveyed said that they had performed surgery on a high-school-aged patient who was paying for the service with a gift certificate.

Should parents pay for their teen's plastic surgery as a graduation gift? Here are a few tips to consider if your teenage son or daughter asks for plastic surgery:

- There are no long-term studies on the safety of breast implants, liposuction, and other cosmetic procedures on patients under 18, so the risks are unknown.
- Teens' bodies are still maturing. Their cosmetic desires may change dramatically by the time they are 25. Encourage your daughter or son to wait until they have reached adulthood before making such permanent changes.
Teens may not understand that plastic surgery may not always improve their self-confidence. They often see surgery as a quick fix, when in reality the issue is more than skin deep. Focus on your teen's strengths as a way to build their self-confidence without surgery.
- Assess their reasons for surgery. If your son or daughter wishes to change a feature (such as nose shape) that has always bothered them, surgery may be an option. If, on the other hand, their goal is to look like a popular celebrity, this is unrealistic.
- You have the final vote. Even if your child still wants plastic surgery, you can say 'no' if your son or daughter is under 18. And you can always say 'no' to funding the procedure.

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