How Your Kids Can Help Save Money on Utility Bills


Recession Mama Michele Ashamalla: I just learned about "Green Allowance," a great new program that allows kids to save actual money on their parents' utility bills.

Here's how it works: Kids go online and follow tips to reduce energy consumption. Once they have completed a certain task, they check it off and the estimated cost-saving is posted on a scorecard. Parents can then pass on all of the savings or a percentage of them as a "green allowance."

Here's an additional twist that I love: Some municipalities have partnered with the site to allow you to track your actual savings by entering your utility-company account number. Some schools are using the site as a fun way to raise environmental awareness (and maybe math scores, too).

I forwarded the site to some teachers at our elementary school and would love to see it used there. I plan to sign up this week. I know my kids will love to have another way to make money around the house, and I'll be interested to see how much lower our bills could be. 

What a fun new way to help the planet!


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