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Girls Suffer Chemical Burns To Faces From Halloween Sticker Tattoos, Mom Says


An Illinois woman complained after Halloween stick-on tattoos she bought at a local store allegedly left chemical burns on her young daughters' faces, WGN-TV reports.

Amanda Salinas of North Riverside, Illinois, said her two daughters, ages 6 and 11, suffered burns to their cheeks from stick-on tattoos they bought for Halloween. 

Salinas claims the family purchased the temporary Day of the Dead face tattoos from a Spirit Halloween store in the western Chicago suburb.

Minutes after Salinas' husband applied the tattoos to the children's faces, the girls reportedly complained of burning.

Salinas said she and her husband removed the tattoos immediately and washed the girls' faces. The next day, large sores appeared on the children's cheeks where the stickers had been.

Salinas said the injuries to her daughters' cheeks required a trip to the doctor and treatments for chemical burns. 

The managers of the Spirit Halloween store that sold the tattoos to the family have reportedly refused to acknowledge that the stick-on accessories may be dangerous, and have continued to sell them.

Salinas said the burns have made life harder for her two daughters.

"I was crying all morning seeing [my] girls cry because they don't want to go to school like this," she told WGN-TV.

Salinas noted although she understands accidents happen, she is surprised the management at Spirit Halloween had not acknowledged the issue or taken any measures to address it. 

In light of the store's lack of action, the concerned mother said she wanted to warn other parents about the potential dangers posed by the face tattoos her daughters used.

This is not the first incidence in which a child has gotten chemical burns from Halloween tattoos. In October 2014, a 7-year-old girl from Erie County, Pennsylvania, suffered severe burns from eye-shadow tattoos purchased at a Wal-Mart store, reported at the time.

Sources: WGN-TV, / Photo credit: Janet/Flickr


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