4-Year-Old Almost Loses Her Legs After Chicken Pox Triggers Rare Condition (Photos)


A 4-year-old girl nearly had her legs amputated after they turned black from a condition caused by chicken pox.

When Bo August caught the chicken pox, she also caught a disorder called purpura fulminans which caused her blood to not be able to clot properly, The Mirror reports.

The 4-year-old was hospitalized for nearly three months and went through three skin grafts due to the issue.

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The issue first came to her parents' attention when she complained of pain in her legs. They also noticed that she had been struggling to walk, according to The Daily Mail.

When her parents found that her legs and feet were covered with black bruises in February, they took August to their local hospital, The Mirror reports.

There, she was diagnosed with the rare condition and was placed in intensive care at the Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

Doctors gave her 12 general anesthetics and performed three skin grafts on the child’s legs. Her parents were informed that she was in danger of losing her legs.

After the surgery, she underwent physical therapy where she learned how to walk again. She eventually made a full recovery, reportedly running with her friends and even showing them her scars.

"It was literally the worst moment of my life when she was diagnosed,” said her mother Julia, 32, according to The Mirror. "I asked the doctor if it could be life-threatening and he said it was life and limb-threatening. At that point we thought she might face amputation but she has been amazing.”

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She continued: "I'm just so amazed by how strong she's been throughout it all. She's always been very feisty and known her own mind since she was a baby and is very much a leader so I think that helped her through it.

"I want to raise awareness of this condition because it is every parent's worst nightmare to be told your child might die or lose their limbs because of chicken pox," the mother added.

Source: The Mirror, The Daily Mail 

Photo Credit: The Daily Mail, WikiCommons


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