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Girls in Yoga Pants: The Yoga Butt Fetish

It's a girl in yoga pants!

In the esteemed tradition of nude yoga girls and Playboy Yoga, we now have Girls In Yoga Pants ~ a photoblog dedicated to, you guessed it, women wearing yoga pants. Most of the photos provide us with posterior views of yoga pants, thus celebrating the desirable yoga butt.

Either gleaned off the internet or submitted by readers (and girls ~ there are a lot of mirror-butt-self-portraits, as seen above), the photos fall into several categories: Big Booty, Amateur, Celebrities, Hall of Fame, In Public and Actual Yoga. According to their Facebook fan page (which has over 6000 fans), the website “was created to show appreciation for the world’s greatest trend.” Their About page claims:

Why look at just girls, when you can look at girls in yoga pants? That’s the idea behind this always funny, always sexy website. Get your backside fix, feast your eyes on the web’s best posteriors, and pay homage to the derriere. Because it beats working. Now go look at what their momma’s gave them.

Well, at least they’re wearing pants. To save y’all the hassle of looking at Girls In Yoga Pants (and if you do venture there, I urge you not to read the comments), I have curated some of the best the website has to offer, in true GIYP style, “after the jump.” Let me know what you think ~ sexist, funny, predictable, inevitable, or yawn?

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40 year old butt in yoga pants (image via

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From the Actual Yoga category (image via

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Post-gym Katy Perry in "optical illusion" yoga pants (image via


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