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'It's Just Not Right': 11-Year-Old Girl With Skin Disorder Not Allowed On Park's Water Slide

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An 11-year-old girl was reportedly told she could not ride a water slide at a Los Angeles water park due to her skin disorder.

Savannah Fulkerson has a rare skin condition called Erythropoietic Protoporphyria (EPP), which causes her to have a painful reaction to light.

“It feels like lava is being poured on you,” Savannah described told WFSB. “It hurts and you just want to curl up in a ball and cry.”

This is why she must wear clothes from head to toe, including gloves, even when she is swimming.

Her clothing was the reason that Six Flags Hurricane Harbor told her she could not get on the water slide, according to WFSB.

“It’s just not right,” Savannah’s mother Andrea Fulkerson told the news station. “You got to treat everyone the same.”

The management allegedly told Savannah that her swimwear was too loose for the slide and her outfit had too many separate pieces.

“And I said, ‘Well, guys wear board shorts. What’s the difference?” said Andrea. “Those are loose, those aren’t tight and she said, ‘That’s a bathing suit’ and I said ‘This is a bathing suit too.’”

“It made me really mad and upset,” Savannah added.

The park later attempted to compromise with the Fulkersons, saying that she could go on the ride with inner tubes, and gave the family the inner tubes for free.

“T-shirts and surf/rash shirts are not allowed on body slides,” read a statement by the park. “All other attractions were available to the family. The family chose to stay in the park after discussing the situation with our park supervisor.”

For now, the family is hoping that the park will accommodate those with the disorder in the future.

“She doesn’t even like to wear what she has on but she knows that if she wants to come outside in the daytime, that’s what she has to wear,” said the mother.

The Fulkersons say they do not intend on ever returning to the park.

Source: CBS, WFSB

Photo Credit: WFSB​


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