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Girl Swept Away in 2004 Indonesian Tsunami Found Alive

A girl who was swept away in the 2004 Indonesian tsunami and presumed dead has been found alive and well.

The Telegraph reports that Wati, who uses just one name, was eight years old when the waters rushed into her village. She was holding onto her mother but the woman lost her grip and Wati was washed away.

Seven years later the now 15-year-old girl was sitting in a coffee bar near her hometown when a man asked her what she was doing there. She said she was looking for her family, but she could not remember any of their names except for her grandfather Ibrahim.

The man knew an Ibrahim and took Wati to him. It turns out he is indeed her grandfather. Her parents rushed over and identified Wati through a mole and scar on her elbow.

It's not clear where Wati has been for the past seven years, but now she is back with her family.

The tsunami which hit the day after Christmas in 2004 killed 230,000 people.


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