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Girl's Note to Bank Teller: Don't Let Drunk Mom Drive Me Home

A nine-year-old Detroit girl is far smarter than most adults when it comes to drunk driving -- she refused to get into a car with her drunk mother, even passing a note to a bank teller for help.

The girl was in the bank with her mother last week when she gave a note to the teller, saying her mother was drunk, and pleading for help to stop her from getting behind the wheel.

However, 49-year-old Latanya Evans got into her car anyway. When the girl refused to join her, she sped away without her. She was arrested a short time later for drunk driving and having a suspended license.

"The girl was very smart and did the right thing," Southfield Police Lieutenant Nick Loussia told The Detroit News. "She tried to get her mother help, and she refused to get back in the car with her mom because she had been drinking."

Loussia said Evans was clearly drunk.

"Officers said she was having trouble getting out of the car and her speech was slurred, her eyes glassy and she smelled of alcohol," he said. "She subsequently failed field sobriety tests, including a preliminary breath test, and was placed under arrest."

Evans is no stranger to the legal system. She was arrested twice before for drunk driving and has had her license suspended five times She was also convicted of child endangerment in 2002.

She is free on $2,500 bond. The case is being reviewed by the state Department of Human Services for possible action.

"This was a dangerous situation and had the potential for people to be injured. It was a good outcome to a bad event," Loussia said.


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