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Girl Pops 6-Year-Old Pimple, And It Turns Out Exactly How You'd Expect (Video)

A disgusting video that’s quickly going viral shows a teenage girl popping what appears to be a pimple that was apparently left alone for six years (video below).

In the clip, a woman in the background, presumably the girl’s mother, explains that the teen has had the growth on her ear since she was a little girl, but that on that day, she decided to try popping it.

Once she pops it, a string of dried pus starts to ooze out, and it’s clear the growth is actually a pimple. For six minutes, the girl squeezes the pus out of her ear, and just before you think that it’s never going to end, she finally believes she gets most of it out. Right before the video ends, it’s clear that there is still some of the pus left.

The reaction to the video has mainly been disgust and disbelief, but some medical professionals have weighed in, urging the teen to go to a doctor so that the pimple doesn’t return.

“Nurse chiming in here. I echo the previous comment: bring her to a derm to have it excised out,” one YouTube commenter wrote. “If you leave the sac, it will return.”

Others seemed the think the growth is not a pimple, but instead an earpit.

“Its not a zit, it's an earpit and they are there from birth as far as I know,” wrote another YouTube user. “I've had mine since birth and it fills up sometimes but I just squeeze the stuff out and I'm fine. I also think her's was infected because it shouldn't look like that.”

Take a look at the gross viral clip below.

Sources: BuzzFeed News, Cosmopolitan / Photo credit: Screenshot via BuzzFeed


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