Girl Kills Self to Donate Organs; Cremated First


A sad and tragic story out of India, where a 12-year-old girl hatched a plan to kill herself so that her organs could be donated to her ailing father and brother. But she was cremated before her suicide note detailing her wishes was found.

The New York Daily News reports Mumpy Sarkar committed suicide on June 27 by swallowing pesticides. In keeping with Indian tradition, she was promptly cremated. The next day her suicide note was found in her bedroom.

"We were too late in understanding the feelings of a very sensitive child," her father Mridul Sarkar told The Times of India.

The father is losing his eyesight, while the girl's brother has kidney problems. The family cannot afford the necessary transplants, leading to the girl's idea.

The girl actually tried to get an older sister to go along with her, but she laughed off the talk, according to The Times.


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