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Girl Gets Massive Worm Removed From Inside Her Upper Lip (Video)

A recent viral video shows a doctor removing a worm from the inside of a girl’s upper lip, and it’s just as gross as it sounds.

In the clip, a girl lies in a chair with a massively swollen lip while a doctor tediously attempts to pull something out. As he is able to yank more of the object out, it’s immediately clear that there is a worm inside of her lip. After a lot of wiggling and tugging, the doctor finally removes the worm from the girl’s lip, and it’s shocking to see how big it is.

Some reports say that the worm was a result of a bot fly laying eggs in the woman’s lip. Bot flies reportedly like to make their homes under skin and lay eggs. The eggs eventually hatch and maggots start to develop, eating everything around them. This unlucky woman had to experience this firsthand, but, thankfully, the doctor was able to remove it.

Check out the gross procedure below.

Sources: Braincy, CSF Videos


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