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Girl Dies Months After Drinking Boiling Water (Photos)

Girl Dies Months After Drinking Boiling Water (Photos) Promo Image

An 8-year-old Florida girl has died from complications of drinking boiling water.

Ki'ari Pope was injured in March when when she drank boiling water on a dare from her cousin, reports the Daily Mail.

They were mimicking a video they had seen on YouTube, said her mother, 22-year-old Marquisia Bonner.

As a result of injuries caused by the incident, Ki’ari received a tracheotomy that left her deaf and with chronic respiratory problems, according to a GoFundMe page set up for her funeral expenses, reports the Palm Beach Post.

On the night of June 30, Ki'ari complained to her mother's boyfriend that she couldn't breathe. Bonner said she "knew there was something going on with my daughter" when she returned home to find police there, reports the Sun Sentinel. The child was rushed to the hospital, but was pronounced dead.

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According to state authorities, there have been numerous allegations of either abuse or neglect involving Ki'ari since her birth.

"The loss of this child is truly devastating and our condolences go out to all those who loved her," said Secretary Mike Carroll of the Florida Department of Children and Families in a statement Aug. 2. "We have opened a child death investigation to examine the circumstances surrounding her death and will deploy a Critical Incident Rapid Response Team to review all interactions this family has had with Florida's child welfare system. We will also continue to work closely with law enforcement to support their continued efforts."

Officials did not say whether Bonner or other family members were the subject of an investigation, the Sun Sentinal notes.

However, a woman who identified herself as Bonner’s cousin said officials took Bonner’s three other children away from her on Aug. 3.

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On Mar. 27, during Ki'ari's initial stay in the hospital, Bonner posted a picture on Facebook showing her daughter in a bed hooked up to monitors.

"Lords know i havent felt this kinda pain since my daddy died it hurts so much ... yall pray for my baby kiari and plz dont ask what happened!” she wrote in the caption.

In 1823, Marshall Hall, M.D., published a study titled "Four Cases of Children, who had attempted, by mistake, to drink boiling Water from the Spout of a Tea-kettle; with Observations on the Seat and Treatment of the Effects of this Accident."

It has been republished by the National Center for Biotechnology Information.

Hall observed at the time: "It is the custom with some poor and inconsiderate mothers to allow their children to drink through the spout of the tea-kettle … when it has but shortly before been taken boiling from the fire …"

As for Ki'ari, her tragic attempt to drink boiling water was summed up mournfully by her mother. "She was just a little girl full of life. Everyone loved her."

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