See Girl's Amazing Transformation After Being Called 'Monster' Because Of Teeth (Photos)


A young woman on Imgur shared her incredible story of overcoming a life of bullying and the transformation she made to change her life for the better.

The Imgur user, named AppleDarling, revealed that growing up she’d been a constant subject of ridicule among kids for the way her teeth looked. Figuring it was something she’d always have to live with, she carried on believing that the teasing would subside.

That, unfortunately, never happened. 

“I was still called ugly, a monster, and getting prank calls to tell me that I needed to 'fix my hideous face,'” she wrote.

Soon, other kids’ parents even began to comment on her smile.

“Parents would often comment on how bad my teeth looked,” she added. “After a while I decided that I was always going to have bad teeth and just be unattractive looking my whole life, so I just got used to it.”

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As she got older, the young woman began to become uncomfortable with the condition of her teeth.

“My top and bottom teeth did not touch, except for the very back of my mouth on the left side. So I could only chew on a small spot on the back left side of my mouth,” she wrote.

“The top of my teeth made a V shape and the bottom a square shape," she added. "Both upper and bottom are supposed to both make a U. On top of that my upper jaw was not parallel to my lower jaw, but askew. They explained in my future this would cause jaw problems, intense pain, as well as chewing issues.”

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AppleDarling soon found out that she was eligible for maxillofacial surgery, which would realign her jaw. Luckily for her, insurance covered the expensive procedure. To top it all off, the best maxillofacial surgeons on the planet were right in her town.

When she was 17, the young woman finally got the surgery she needed to fix her teeth.

“My mouth was the 'oddest' case [the surgeon] had ever seen," she wrote. "She politely asked if she could publish a paper on my jaw, to which I agreed.” 

After surgery and a two-week recovery in which her jaw was wired shut, she began wearing braces for several months.

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When the braces were removed, her smile was completely changed.

“It was the most surreal moment of my life. Looking in the mirror I honestly believed those teeth were fake, and someone was playing a prank on me. It was so weird to be able to chew anywhere in my mouth, so many options!” she wrote. 

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“I’m happy with my smile now, and am extremely grateful to the amazing surgeons and my parents," she said.

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Photo credit: Imgur


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