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Ginger Good For Nausea: Morning Sickness Too?

Could ginger be a good natural treatment for morning sickness? The New York Times’ Anahad O’Connor reports that 2010 medical research was inconclusive.

The research, which was published in the Cochran Study of Systematic Reviews, gathered data from several different clinical studies of ginger and other morning sickness treatments. These studies focused on women in their first 20 weeks of pregnancy, which is the time when morning sickness is most likely to appear.

Ginger is known to be an effective natural remedy for nausea: 6-gingerol, one of the active compounds in ginger, relaxes the gastrointestinal muscles. Medical research shows that ginger can alleviate symptoms of motion sickness, and relieve nausea caused by chemotherapy. In terms of morning sickness, though, ginger may not have the same effect. Sometimes it helped the women in the 2010 studies, but sometimes not. The researchers described ginger’s effects as “limited and not consistent.”

The 2010 studies also examined two other morning sickness remedies – Vitamin B6 and acupuncture – and concluded neither treatment was very effective against morning sickness. Researchers said that if women still wanted to try out ginger or the other two remedies, they should talk to their doctor before doing so.


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