Getting Pregnant: It's a Fact?

I know when I'm thinking about the latest in pregnancy health news, Forbes is always the first thing that pops into my mind.  But in case you aren't the same, here's a link to some recent "myth busting" the magazine did on fertility and getting pregnant.

Most of the facts have been pretty hashed over, like BPA and Teflon are bad, or that booze only helps you get pregnant if it actually makes you have sex a lot more often than you would otherwise.

But one piece of advice that did surprise me?  A fertility specialist who said that she tells her patients that if they work really stressful jobs, they should take a little time off while trying to conceive in order to help with potential fertility. 

Ummm, do you know how much fertility treatments cost?  Wouldn't that just cause more stress?

This is what happens when you get pregnancy advice from Forbes, I guess.


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