5 Tips to Help You Conceive


No one tells you that getting pregnant can be challenging. You might know a friend or a relative who got pregnant on her first try, but in reality, conception can be quite difficult. It may take you several months to actually get pregnant.

Here are some tips to help you conceive.

  1. Know when you ovulate. Many women have no idea when (or if) they can ovulate. Learn your body’s own ovulation cues, and when in doubt, buy an ovulation predictor kit.
  2. See your doctor. Get checked out before you start trying for your baby.
  3. Get fit. Get off the couch, and start exercising and eating right for a healthy pre-pregnancy body.
  4. Stop smoking and drinking. You shouldn’t drink alcohol or smoke while pregnant, and now is the time to quit.
  5. Get him healthy too. Don’t forget about your partner! You need him healthy and fit so he can be your future baby daddy!


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